HTC Desire 12 Month Contracts

As the flagship installment in HTC’s Android 2.1 lineup, the Desire outperforms many of its competitors in terms of both functionality and uniqueness. Although it is priced slightly higher than previous HTC phones, like the Legend, these extra features more than justify the price difference. HTC Desire 12 month contracts are becoming more and more common, and here are some of the best available at the moment.

Style and functionality

The design and specifications of the Desire are extremely similar to the Nexus One. Inside its slick, stylish exterior is a healthy amount of memory, as well as a crisp, 800×480 resolution screen. Unlike the Nexus One, the Desire has added several new physical buttons to the front of the case, which many users will find easier to handle than their touch-screen predecessors.

As expected, the HTC Desire performs admirably when used for standard tasks like web-browsing, instant messaging, calling, and e-mail. However, even when used for average applications, the battery lasts for a measly six hours. Compared to the battery life of the iPhone 4 and Blackberry, this is certainly a weak point.

The beauty of Sense UI

Thankfully, the HTC Desire’s software helps us overlook its weak points. One of the mobile phone’s most attractive features is Sense UI, which has all sorts of wonderful and unique features. The keyboard and text highlighting is easier to use than most mobile devices, and customizing the look of your phone could not be simpler. In addition, apps like Friend Stream and Leap (which allows you to easily switch between home screens) make it difficult to return to any other brand of mobile phone.

Additional features

If you plan on taking a lot of videos and pictures with your phone, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the Desire’s on-board camera. Clocking in at 5 megapixels, the camera is as good as many digital alternatives. However, it does underperform in low-light environments, and, compared to other mobile phones, there is definitely room to improve.

If you’re looking for higher-end HTC mobile phones, then you should consider purchasing a newer model, like the HTC Sensation. However, if you want similar performance and quality without cleaning out your bank account, then the HTC Desire is one of your better options. As with all HTC Desire 12 month deals, you need to check that this is actually the cheapest way for you to get what you need.